Some Important and Useful Facts About PageRank

PageRank (PR) is a mathematical algorithm that Google uses to rank pages of the websites in its search results.

As per the Google, Pagerank determines the importance of a website by counting the number and quality of links to the pages of the site. The basic assumption is that more important sites tend to receive more backlinks from other websites.

The rank value determines the importance of a particular page.

Research (from AOL’s search engine logs) shows that more than 90% of the buying decisions start with a search online. And the first ten search results receive the majority (89%) of the entire click-through traffic. And the next ten results which are usually displayed on the second page receive less than 5% of the click-through traffic.

Therefore ranking on the first page is so important that companies can rise or fall due to their Google search results when customers are looking online for the products and services that they sell.

Few facts about PageRank are:

PageRank is just one of the numerous factors that Google uses in its search result Algorithm. There are various other factors also that affects the Google’s search rankings. One should focus instead on delivering quality content.
Outbound links help the ranking of the website. Therefore they are ranking factors too.
The algorithms are so complicated and complex that sometimes even leading search engineers working for Google don’t understand them. It is almost impossible to know every bit of code because Google has made over 450 algorithm changes in one year.
The greater the number of links on a page, the less each link’s worth.
You cannot use no-follow to control where the PageRank goes. So if you have five links on a page and two are no-followed, the PageRank calculation will still count the number of outbound links from that page to 5 even when 2 of the links are no-followed.
Outbound links never pass the full amount of PageRank. The amount of PageRank that flows out per link is always varied. All the links pass a little less or a little more PageRank than what came into the page in the first place.
A link from a reputed or an authority site will help increase the rankings in search engines might not be a right expectation.
An outbound link might have a negative ranking value if it is linked to an irrelevant website.
The entire site doesn’t lose ranking when it passes PageRank. PageRank is more about the pages and the inbound links associated with those pages. So most likely, a site doesn’t lose its rankings with outbound links. An important and relevant page will be able to attract attention and rank through links.
Every page has its own importance. While considering the links on a page, there isn’t any need to consider whether an outbound link is going to impact the ranking of another page negatively.
The quality and usefulness of the web page to its users determine its importance and ranking in search engines and not the entire website.
Hence, it is quite important to have a good PageRank to rank higher in SERPs. If you are struggling in getting good ranks, then you can take help from SEO Services Provider in Delhi.

How To Generate More Search Engine Traffic

Search engine optimization is an important component in online marketing. It uses techniques to ensure that your website or blog receives as much traffic as possible from all the search engines.

But, you don’t really want all the traffic. You just want the traffic that is right for your website. You want targeted traffic that wants what you have to offer. This is the way you make the most of search engine traffic.

To get started making the most of search engine traffic, do the easiest things first.

Check Your Site for Broken Links

Do you have broken links on your page that you haven’t fixed? This can happen easily for many reasons. However, the reasons don’t matter as much as making sure that you fix the broken links. You can use a broken link checker like to check for links regularly on your website. When you find links that don’t work, fix them right away

Use Keywords in Headlines and Titles

When you have studied the right keywords, you can use them as titles, headlines and sub-headlines on your website and blog posts. Don’t try to be tricky in your titles. Use all words correctly and accurately.

Remember Benefits over Features

Your audience cares more about what’s in it for them than about what’s in it for you. Find ways to get through to your audience about all the benefits of your offerings and what you can do for them.

Get Links from Authority Sites

The days of getting any links into your site are over, but getting links from authority sites is always important and will always be in. If you can get links sites, that’s even better. A way to accomplish this is to create your own courses that are high value enough that an education site may take notice.

Link to Authority Sites

A great way to get noticed by others, including search engines, is to link out to other sites that have authority. Content curation is a great way to create valid links out from your website to authority websites. Include a blurb of your own for each item you link to so that your opinion and thoughts are added to the information you share.

Keep Content Updated

Content of all forms is important to put on your website and blog. Use text content in the form of blog posts, audio, video, long form, short form, white papers and more on your blog and website to get the most from search engine traffic.

Finally, use the right meta information such as “alt” tags on images, tags on posts, and so forth. Try using a plugin like SEO by Yoast if you use WordPress to build your site, to help you get the most from search engine traffic.

Crowd Marketing – How to Promote Your Business

With the emergence of the Internet and social media platforms with the audience of thousands and thousands of people, the concept of crowd marketing is seemingly a better marketing solution for a lot of companies.

What is Crowd Marketing?

A popular marketing technique in which a business connects to an influencer, who is in direct contact with the target market of the product that the business is marketing. The proliferation of social media networks including the Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and many other, crowd marketing has gained increased popularity among marketers as being a cheap, effective and the easiest way to reach target consumer. Unlike many other marketing strategies, the target market reach of can be monitored in terms of measurable indicators such as likes, shares, reviews, retweets, feedbacks etc. In essence, crowd marketing techniques are focused on increasing website traffic, lifting search engine rank and strengthening the brand position. The main difference between techniques like Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the crowded marketing technique is that the later technique directly approaches to target consumers rather than focusing on the general public. One of the good examples of crowd marketing may be the celebrity endorsement technique. In this technique, a business identifies celebrities that already have a large fan base among the target market niche of the business; the business pays the celebrity to endorse its product among its target consumers. It is an effective way because people tend to be influenced by celebrities, their lifestyles and what they recommend. Such marketing technique is also used to approach the target market directly as long as the influencing celebrity personality, as well as his fan base among the target market population, are properly selected.

Crowd Marketing Techniques

The most popular techniques most recently rely on the social media platform and utilize the power of content marketing to enhance target market reach. Since social media has become an integral part of people’s lives, one of the most effective platforms is Facebook, which has over 1,500 million active users. Targeting Facebook as a platform to reach the target market has been popular these days. The technique is straightforward -leveraging content marketing method to attract the target market population among Facebook users. In this method, the business creates a compelling content, mostly product or brand-related videos, and finds an effective way to publish it over the Facebook that will ensure most return on investment. Usually, celebrity pages, celebrity accounts where many people keep their attention and the paid advertisement that is boosted by the Facebook to help reach increased customer base are utilized as crowd marketing technique over the Facebook. The number of likes, shares, and comments can be used as a measure of the success of the campaign. The most effective way to reach target market is to utilize the key influence of the business niche. Identifying target consumers, their behaviors and whom or what they follow can make the difference. If the key influencer of the target audience can be identified and can be used to endorse the product or brand, the success of convincing the audience about the reliability and superiority of the business goes higher.

The Power of Social Media

Another effective technique that warrants success is to use tools that help the business with key insights of the marketing as related to social and content marketing wings of crowd marketing. For example, few web applications help the business identify the target audience of a product, their key influencer, their position and location within web domain and provides with the best crowd marketing strategy starting from content recommendation to target markets locating. These tools make implementation of your marketing strategies easier and more effective.

The Lego Group, children’s toy builder company, has been leveraging the concept of crowd marketing since the 90′s; it has used the Internet effectively to transform website traffic into effective customers and revenues. The key idea to engage target customers from around the world is novel and simple – it asks toy builders and idea-makers to share their ideas about new toys. These ideas are published on the website and are open to million enthusiastic audiences. Any builder can upload his unique design built out of the combination of thousands of different block pieces. The models are placed to audiences for marking and the models that get highest marks are chosen for the award. Moreover, the company uses fans’ ideas and models to build its toys from. Recently, it has created builds from the theme of the movie “Star Wars” and “Lord of the Rings”, which are the most popular builds from the company for years. The company has been adopting social media-based marketing campaign to increase its audience reach and enhance revenues. Last year, the company has earned about $4 trillion in revenue, most of which can be attributed to the crowd marketing strategy. Crowd marketing has also enabled it to become a global brand. The success of the company may be set as an example for all businesses who wish to adopt crowd marketing strategies.

6 Tips To Help You Choose A Good SEO Training Institute

If you have a passion for Search Engine Optimisation, we suggest that you join a good SEO training institute. In this article, we are going to share with you few tips that will help you join the best institute. Since there are many institutes out there, you need to go with one that offers an updated syllabus and reasonable fee structure. Given below are some tips that you need to consider before you choose an institute.

1) Check the Ranking of their Website

First of all, you should check out the website of the institute to find out how well it ranks on major search engines. If they don’t rank well on major search engines, how can they help their students rank other websites?

Therefore, you may want to check the organic ranking of the website of the institute before you finalize your decision.

2) Check their Background

You should check out the website of the institute to know more about their background. If the institute has just been established, you can read about the reviews. Ideally, you should not work with any institution that has no reviews or a lot of negative reviews.

3) Find out if they Offer Real-Time Training

Before you make a choice, find out if they offer real-time training. Some training centers offer organic training, which is a big advantage. If you want to gain confidence, you have to have experience working on real-time projects.

4) Updated Syllabus

Since Search Engine Optimisation tricks continue to change over time, make sure that the institute you want to join has an updated syllabus. It is a good idea to join a training center that offers courses and services.

These training centers have updated knowledge of Google algorithms. Therefore they can help your clients improve their search engine rankings.

5) Training Fee

If you are new to this field and you need some help getting started, you may want to follow the industry leaders and influencers, such as Neil Patel. It is important to keep in mind that Search Engine Optimisation is a sort of self-learning process.

But it is important to keep in mind that the course fee should be reasonable. Therefore, you should look for a provider that charges reasonable fees.

6) Experience of the Trainer

Before you sign up, don’t forget to take a closer look at the profile of the trainer. This will give you a pretty good idea of the number of websites they have optimized and their success rate.

Don’t forget to ask about their experience in the field. If they have several years of experience, it is a good sign. And that is a signal that you can go ahead and join that training center to get training.

Long story short, we suggest that you consider these tips before signing up with an SEO training institute. Hopefully, these tips will enable you to do your homework and look for the best provider out there.

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